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Sophie Moore

Sophie is a sophomore at UC Clermont as an English Literature major. She plans to finish her Bachelor's degree in English Literature and hopes to then study TEFL for her Master's at the University of Leeds. Her passions are writing, movies, and learning different languages and cultures; she's currently learning Spanish, Korean, and American Sign Language! She would like to one day publish her own novel, once she gets over her writer's block.

​Quinton Callahan

Quinton Callahan is a sophomore at UC Clermont studying English Literature, hoping to go into publications once he has graduated with his bachelor’s degree. Quinton has a very strong passion for reading and takes joy in finding and purchasing new books. Since taking a poetry class at UC Clermont, he also hopes to one day publish a book of his poetry. His biggest dream and the one that he has had since High school is to open a home for abandoned and homeless youth.

Katelyn Moore

​Katelyn Moore is a Sophomore at UC Clermont working toward their as an English Major. Katelyn loves writing and would love to work on writing something in a larger form at some point. With their degree Katelyn would love to work at a publishing company and of course work as a writer, even if it can be very hard to make money doing that. 

Mica Hopper

Mica Hopper is currently pursuing a bachelor's in English at UC. She loves to read, write, bake goodies, and draw. Mica is hoping one day to publish her own comic book series. She has been creating short stories and designing characters for them since she was 8 years old. Upon graduation, she plans to teach English abroad to gather inspiration for her art and writing.  

Helen McCormick 

Helen McCormick is a freshman at UC Clermont studying English. They love to read and write poetry. After UC Clermont, Helen hopes to transfer to UC Main to study Women and sexuality studies. Their dream is to help people and to hopefully work in a women's shelter one day.

Gigi Bloom

​​Gigi graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a BS in Sociology and is currently studying integrated media at UC. Gigi loves writing (especially poetry), research, creating audio and visual content/art, acting, hiking, and dancing. She enjoys working on projects that allow her to incorporate and enhance her creative and technical talents. Gigi has authored award winning research and plans to publish poetry and a children’s books in the future.


Teresa Alexander

Teresa Alexander is a proud University of Cincinnati - Clermont College graduate currently living in Florida.   She loves to write poetry and flash fiction.  This is her 2nd time being published in East Fork:  Journal of the Arts.

Jasmine Warner

Jasmine Warner is currently finishing her last semester of her undergraduate at UC. She's majoring in English Literature and Cultural Studies while also completing a Copyediting and Publishing certificate on the side.

Savannah Shepard

​Savannah is a former UCC student and East Fork editor. She is now a senior studying English secondary education at NKU. She has been writing poetry for over six years and spends most of her time writing, singing, teaching and working at her job as a writing tutor.

Blanch Kabengele

Dr. Blanche Kabengele, PhD graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services. She taught the Social Sciences at UC, NKU, Christ School of Nursing, and Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science. She is also the author of African and African American Conjugal Relationships: A Sociocultural Analysis (Mellon Publishers, 2016), and Quiet as It’s Kept, Me Too, and Other Poetic Expressions of Life! (Xlibris Publishers, 2018). A Cincinnati native, Blanche grew up in the West End, and is now retired.

Brandon Cox

Brandon Cox is a junior at Danville Area Community College. His goals in life are to live off his writing and garner attention to climate change and the troubling ecological changes occurring through every aspect, along with human inequality from socioeconomic complexes from both spectrums.

​Olivia Buschle

Olivia Buschle is a UCBA student and is currently a Creative Writing major with a minor in Communication. She plans to transition to Main Campus in Fall 2021 to further her Creative Writing degree. She has only been writing poetry for a little over a year now but has always loved reading it. One of her biggest goals in life is to publish a poetry book, similarly to one of those by Amanda Lovelace.

Visual Artists

Amber Fair

Amber Fair is a returning student at UC Clermont in Batavia, OH. She went to UC Clermont many years ago but never finished her degree.She has been painting just as a personal hobby for about 5 years now and enjoys painting nature landscapes the most. As she paints, she escapes into the world that she is creating.

Brianna Jones

Multimedia Creator

Madeline Breeding

Madeline Breeding is currently enrolled at Bluegrass Community College in Lexington, Kentucky. She did attend UC Clermont last spring, but transferred to be closer to family. She was first published in East Fork last spring and claims it to be her greatest accomplishment to date. Being a cancer survivor, she feels as if everything in her wisdom and being has been molded by pain, then taught to her through love. She tries to reflect this concept in her poetry, always trying to grasp the concept of teaching the healings of pain through love.

Thomas Schickel

​​Roo Mason

High School Writing Contest Winners

​Mariah Mendenhall—1st Place

​Mariah Mendenhall is a sophomore at Boone County High School. She participates in the Written Composition portion of Governor's Cup each year and was awarded 6th in the state in 2019. She is also a member of the speech and debate team at her high school, which allows her to express my creativity through writing and performing.

​Charlotte Webster—2nd Place

Charlotte Webster is a sophomore at Boone County High School.

Maira Faisal—3rd Place

​Originally from a small town in northern Pakistan, Maria Faisal moved to Connecticut with my family at the age of two. Relocating every two or three years, her family eventually settled in Kentucky, where her writing began to blossom into a hobby and dream. She now hopes to be an OB/GYN and published author in the future.

​Abby Kane—Honorable Mention

Abby Kane is a junior at Dixie Heights High School in Northern Kentucky. She's involved in many activities including the marching band, speech and debate team, piano lessons, drama club, and writing in her free time. Over the years, she has won multiple awards for my writing, including a national silver medal and national gold medal in the Scholastic awards in 7th and 8th grade respectively. She wishes to one day publish a series of novels, and her biggest goal is to make the New York Times Bestseller list.

​​Samuel Contreras—Honorable Mention

​Samuel is a junior at Highlands High School. Once he graduates, he hopes to study linguistics and foreign languages. He is learning Welsh, Arabic, Mandarin, and several others and is fluent in German. He loves films, visual art, reading, theater, music, and of course learning about foreign languages and cultures. Samuel hopes to use writing as a way to not only to earn royalties, but also to provide entertainment to others and express himself.

Literary Essay Competition Winners

Sophie Moore—1st Place

Lydia Bradley—2nd Place

Valeria Kuczynski—3rd Place

Aaron Tigert—The Amrit. R. Chatterjee Memorial Writing Award

Clare Hunter—Honorable Mention