East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Current Editorial Staff:

​Christine Nicholson

​​Jasmine Warner

​Kara Decker

Lucas Wheeler

Ethan Evans

​Emma Otten


Faculty Advisor:

Dr. Cassandra Fetters

About Us

Mary  Kathryn Forsyth

​Erin Elliott

Tim Combes

Bryan Phillips

Dakota Clark

Eli Hutson

Erin Gast

Robert Stewart

Eric Hagen

Amanda Vandermolen

Jillian Bower

Rick Crabtree

Justin Dooloukas

Brandie Graser

Margaret Swing

East Fork: A Journal of the Arts

East Fork is a UC Clermont student run, student edited online literary journal featuring poetry, short fiction, short non-fiction, original music, and original visual art.  We have been an active journal for ten years, publishing bi-annual issues every Fall and Spring semester. We accept original work from any University of Cincinnati student, all University of Cincinnati alumni, and any student from any other two-year and/or community college in the United States. Please click on the Meet the Editors tab to learn about our current editors and view their own creative work in our Editor's Showcase.  Refer to the Submit tab for instructions to submit your own work for the journal's next issue.

                   Previous Editors:

Savannah Shepard

Amy Waugh

Teara Parks

Julia Wahle

Elaine Tryling

​Aaron Fletcher

​Carley Courts

Erin Homan

Michael Parton​​

​Anthony Martinez

Tom Cropper

Sara Hamby

Britt Armstrong

Alex Grashel

Victoria Crossman