East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Meet the Editors

Teara is a first-time editor for East Fork and an English education major who has plans to, in time, become an English professor. She has a great passion for writing and literature in general and hopes to become a published author in time.

Savannah is a senior and managing editor for the East Fork Literary Journal and is majoring in English at UC Clermont. She spends her time writing for UC Clermont's newspaper--The Lantern, tutoring in The Learning Center, and being with her friends and family. She also loves music, poetry, and singing, but especially loves using her passions to advocate for mental health and equality.

Christine, dorky first time editor, is an English Major with a passion for creative writing--both poetry and short stories. She also is a LGBT+ second degree black belt and hopes to start a scholarship program for people with mental disorders based on poetry.

Erin is an editor for East Fork, a writer for UC Clermont's newspaper--the Lantern, and a tutor in the Learning Center. She has a passion for reading and writing literature--which she plans to one day utilize as a high school English teacher. 

Click here for our Editors' Showcase, where you can see some of the East Fork editors' own creative work. You can also click on the editors' photo to go directly to their work.

Amy is a senior editor and an English Major. She loves to read and write. She spends her free time outside classes working in the library on campus or reading and reviewing books for the blog where she is the assistant review manager. While she enjoys writing, reading and supporting authors is her passion. She plans on working in the publishing industry to help edit and publish the work of other authors, and maybe one day her own.