East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Meet the Editors

​Lindsey Wyen is a first year student at UC Clermont pursuing a degree in English Literature. Playwriting and storytelling are her passions, and in her spare time, you can catch her working diligently on her latest short story idea from the comfort of the school's library. ​

Christine is the senior managing editor of the East Fork Literary Journal.She is also an English Major with a passion for creative writing--both poetry and short stories. She also is a LGBTQ+ second degree black belt, and hopes to become a English profesor. 

Ethan is a first year student at UCC with a taste for quality poetry and rock-solid narratives.

Jasmine is a sophomore at UC Clermont and a first-time editor at East Fork. She is majoring English and has a deep love for creative writing. A mess of a dreamer who enjoys taking pictures, going to concerts, and binge watching Riverdale.

Click here for our Editors' Showcase, where you can see some of the East Fork editors' own creative work. You can also click on the editors' photo to go directly to their work.

Kara is a freshman majoring in English Literature at UC Clermont. She's very passionate when it comes to writing and loves to read. When it comes to reading though, she loves the realm of mythology especially Egyptian. Her biggest dream is to one day take a trip to Egypt to actually see the Great Pyramid of Giza.               

Lucas is a second semester Junior majoring in Criminal Justice, aiming toward juvenile probation. As odd as it is he has a passion for reading and writing. He was once a creative writing minor and has been writing short stories since the 2nd grade. He is pumped for the opportunity to work on the Eat Fork journal to see all of the amazing work that gets submitted.