​East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Meet the Editors

Katelyn Moore is currently pursuing a bachelor's in English at UC. Katelyn loves writing and would love to work on writing something in a larger form at some point. With their degree Katelyn would love to work at a publishing company and of course work as a writer, even if it can be very hard to make money doing that. 

​​Rachel is a sophomore at UC Clermont studying English. She is passionate about reading, poetry, writing fiction, painting, gardening, history, and baking. Rachel also enjoys volunteering for The League for Animal Welfare. Rachel is currently working on a fantasy novel. Rachel hopes to be a published novelist.

Shannon Wells is a Sophomore at UC Clermont and working towards her Bachelor's in Journalism. She likes working at UC Clermont as an Ambassador and going on hikes at the Cincinnati Nature Center and East Fork Lake. Currently, she has a major in English. In the future she plans to transfer to UC Main Campus, to complete her bachelor's and one day become a journalist.

Mica Hopper is currently pursuing a bachelor's in English at UC. She loves to read, write, bake goodies, and draw. Mica is hoping one day to publish her own comic book series. She has been creating short stories and designing characters for them since she was 8 years old. Upon graduation, she plans to teach English abroad to gather inspiration for her art and writing.  

Click here for our Editors' Showcase, where you can see some of the East Fork editors' own creative work. You can also click on the editors' photo to go directly to their work.

Helen McCormick is a sophomore at UC Clermont studying English. They love to read and write poetry. After UC Clermont, Helen hopes to transfer to UC Main to study English with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. Their dream is to help people - whatever that may look like.