Queen City Glow


Cali Mountain Sky

The Light inside

Something we feel before we see,

and even then,
our eyes do not see it for what it is

but for what it creates…

A smile that shines

through the broken hearted,
the calls we hear to stop the violence,
the rise we witness when one has fallen,

This…is the light inside.

It keeps us…

growing and going,

and knowing that there is hope,
and when it fades, our hope turns to faith,
and even though we feel it flicker,

we never let it die.

For it is the breath of our soul,

our means to survive and thrive,

how we merge victorious from the darkness….

It is the light inside!

Meet Me at Sunset

I stand before you,
ribbons of your gold twirling and looping to surround me in your cocoon of warmth...

Gladly, I become yours.

My feet firmly planted, 
yet I am pulled into you,
as high as I’ve ever been.
Beauty without cause,
existence without end.

I'll stay with you, at least I’ll pretend,
just long enough for the outside to disappear.

All is quiet now...
I am peace.

The moment breaks...

Wait! A last attempt to breathe you in
as you fade to the world below.
Miss you I shall, but without nescience,
awaiting your return in the morning glow.


East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​