​East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​


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Katelyn Moore

​​​​Katelyn Moore is a Sophomore at UC Clermont working toward their as an English Major. Katelyn loves writing and would love to work on writing something in a larger form at some point. With their degree Katelyn would love to work at a publishing company and of course work as a writer, even if it can be very hard to make money doing that. 

Mica Hopper

​Mica Hopper is currently pursuing a bachelor's in English at UC. She loves to read, write, bake goodies, and draw. Mica is hoping one day to publish her own comic book series. She has been creating short stories and designing characters for them since she was 8 years old. Upon graduation, she plans to teach English abroad to gather inspiration for her art and writing.  

Helen McCormick

​​Helen McCormick is a freshman at UC Clermont studying English. They love to read and write poetry. After UC Clermont, Helen hopes to transfer to UC Main to study Women and sexuality studies. Their dream is to help people and to hopefully work in a women's shelter one day.

​Rachel Hoermann

Rachel is a sophomore at UC Clermont studying English. She is passionate about reading, poetry, writing fiction, gardening, history, and baking. Rachel also enjoys volunteering for The League for Animal Welfare. Rachel is currently working on a fantasy novel. Rachel hopes to be a published novelist.

Sierra Reese

Sierra Reese is a freshman at UC Clermont pursuing an associate's in liberal arts and a certificate of animation. She wants to make a living off of creative works like fiction writing, poetry, personal artwork, and more. She is trying to learn, improve her skills, and make a name for herself. Sierra's dream is to work on animated films so she can inspire others the way she was inspired by Disney, Pixar, and Dreamworks films as a child.


Blanche Kabengele

Blanche is a former graduate of UC’s College of Education, where she completed a doctorate in Educational Studies. Currently, Blanche lives in Cincinnati, with her husband Peter and enjoys, traveling, and writing poetry.

​Helen Curran

​Helen is someone who isn't sure who she's meant to be, but hopes writing will help her navigate life at least a little.

Gillian Ramirez

Gillian is a current sophomore at Nassau Community College. She is an English major and is pursuing an AA in Liberal arts. She is also pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in English and hopes to obtain a MA in publishing or editing.

Thomas Strunk

​Thomas E. Strunk grew up in Minisink Hills, Pennsylvania on the Delaware River. His work explores working class life and strives to express the eternal longing for the spiritual, emotional, and political liberation of the individual and community. He now lives in Northside, Cincinnati with his wife and twin daughters.

Visual Art

Emma DeLong

Emma DeLong is a Freshman at the University of Cincinnati DAAP. ​

Nathan Siler

Nathaniel Siler is a University of Cincinnati Junior - Pursuing a Bachelor's in Digital Media Collaborative.

Amiaya Alleyne

Amiaya is a Fine Arts major and an aspiring tattoo artist! This piece represents the work artists put in to develop art and the idea of nothing being final when producing art.

Charmaine Noel

Charmaine Noel is a senior social work student at the University of Cincinnati (CAHS).

Ellie Arkus

Ellie Arkus is a CCP student at UC Clermont. She is also currently a senior at New Richmond High School, and taking two UC art classes in addition to her schedule at New Richmond. She has taken many art classes in the past, some of them being Advanced Art Portfolio, Ceramics, Crafts, Art History, and Drawing & Painting. 

Short Stories-Fiction

Justin Sangermano

​Justin is a fourth-year student at the University of Cincinnati working towards a marketing major, professional sales minor, and creative writing certificate. He has lived in Cincinnati his whole life and has always had a passion for writing and the arts.


A special thanks to the visiting poets who gave us the special honor of interviewing them!

Joel Peckham

Kim Jacobs-Beck

Stephanie Alcantar

Manuel Iris