​East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Danielle Schuster

Nathaniel Trent - 3rd Place



Arlo is currently majoring in Liberal Arts at UC Clermont. Arlo likes to draw and hopes to pursue a Bachelor's in Spanish after graduating with his associate's.

Dalanie Beach (they/them) is a nonbinary creative writer and visual artist from Anderson, IN. This year they will graduate from Miami University with an MFA in Creative Writing. When they are not writing, they enjoy crochet, painting, and attempting to keep houseplants alive.

Visual Art

Dalanie Beach

Jacob Stephens - Second Place

Anna is a hands-on worker with a serious passion for art. Anna considers herself a multidisciplinary artist in which she has experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, design, and ceramics. In an attempt to never limit herself, stay creative, and be motivated, she is always experimenting with new ways to create.

Amanda Curless (Vandermolen)

Addison is a freshman at West Clermont Highschool.

Literary Essay Competition Winners

High School Writing Contest Winners

Danielle Schuster is a photographer and fine arts student at the University of Cincinnati. Her work explores the dynamics and connection of the midwest landscape. She also enjoys journaling and making accompanying reflective collages. This is an example of one.

Clare Hunter - First Place


Arlo Adams

Addison Maloney - Honorable Mention

Maira Faisal - Second Place

Eve is currently a 2nd year Fine Arts student at UC focusing on illustration and zine-making. Eve loves meeting new people, hearing new stories, and making new art to show and share with everyone!

Kennedy Edgar - Chatterjee Prize

Kate E Lore

Rachel is currently attends Clermont Northeastern High School.  Rachel has always loved writing short stories and plans to attend college. Rachel enjoys writing stories that deliver a subtle message through a descriptive writing style.

Charmaine Noel

Riley Courtney - First Place

Riley Courtney is an avid writer. She plans on attending college in the fall of 2022 and majoring in English Creative Writing. She works at her local library in Cincinnati Ohio and has loved literature for as long as she can remember. She self publishes some of her writing on her creative writing blog, rileycourtney.com.

Amanda was born in Cincinnati and grew up in the hills of the Ohio valley. She has always been determined to explore the world around her and find a bigger purpose in life. She pursued a career as a teacher but realized that the job didn’t satisfy her need to explore the world. After graduating from UC Clermont and the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor’s degree, Amanda tried her hand working the typical 9-5 job and decided that it wasn’t for her. Amanda decided to leave everything behind in Ohio for an aviation career. She began training in 2018 in Daytona Beach with zero flight time and experience and finished her training in eleven months. After receiving the necessary certifications for flight instruction, she now gets paid to fly. In the last three years, Amanda has flown over 1000 hours and helped others pursue their dreams. Writing is still her favorite pastime, especially when thinking about childhood and those around her. Amanda has self-published two children’s books, has several poems in various journals, and is currently working on a self-published book of poetry.

Moon Girle is currently enrolled at Miami University Hamilton, majoring in English Studies and Applied Communications.  Moon Girle says that "Everything I do is pressing toward building relationships with others and writing. I long to write in a way that connects to others, so they may hear that someone understands them."

Griffin Saunders - Honorable Mention

Eve Miller

Anna-Claire Barker

Kate E Lore is the pen name of Kate Isaacs. Currently earning a master's degree in creative writing from Miami University Kate has a bachelor's from The Ohio State University. Born in Dayton Ohio, Kate has self-published comics, been featured in anthologies, written articles for magazines, and had multiple publications in literary magazines for both fiction and nonfiction.

A jack-of-all-trades Kate splits her time up between fiction and nonfiction, a graphic memoir, a written one, screenplays, flash prose, full-length novels, painting, and comics. Not to mention her blog.

Kate is openly queer, neurodivergent, and the youngest of four raised by a single mother. 

Originally from a small town in northern Pakistan, at the age of two, Maira moved to Connecticut with her family. Relocating every two or three years, her family eventually settled in Kentucky, where her writing began to blossom into a hobby and dream. Maira now hopes to be an OB/GYN and published author in the future.

Moon Girle

Rachel Luhn - Third Place