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Today is the Day

That I’m thankful to say God gave me the words to describe the way that I felt that day the way that I could never find the words to say to explain the grace that took place on an evening in April one sunny day that I would escape to see what it’s like when you enter after life you see I died for awhile no pulse after a seizure that made me expect the worst but where I went I can’t even begin to explain but today God eased the pain and let me see the truth gave me this epiphany wherever I went can only be described the way a guy who too died told me in my basement one day he said I felt peachy I felt clean I felt clear and floated off it seemed as if whatever was going on back on earth didn’t matter anymore for when they get there they will too see that this life is beyond infinity the peace and sweet serenity so spread your love go out and be the person that you can be because regardless you will float off into infinity and be able to see what I am trying to explain through the pain in my words I’m trying to tell you whatever it was is so great that I hit rock bottom for several months I didn’t want to be back on this earth I wanted to be there back at the place that you go to I call it heaven some may say other things but then I reached inside and tried to find my purpose and started to live my life solely to better the people all around me with kindness and love show them how great your life can be if you just strive to be the best version of yourself don’t worry about anyone else worry about you and your light and the sharing that you do go ahead and ignite the flame that sparks the change in the universe the change that soothes the earth go deep within and do not tell me it doesn’t work til you try it you will definitely see what all is behind it I swear anyone can try it dedicate your life to it love and own your emotions they are your own they are yours no one can tell you what you are feeling so express your emotions let them out show gratitude express it shout it from the roofs how thankful you are see only the stars as your destiny see your blessings only go ahead and discard hate and the misconception associated with pain pain is your friend it helps you when you can’t understand why things happen the way they do pain gives you wisdom something money can’t even do gain wisdom and empathy for you to see all of the good surrounding you and me live life without fear of the night live life without worry when you worry that’s when you worship all of the beautiful things around you instead of worrying start praying for help pray that you can get through this mess then let it go free of your mind let this worry dissipate into something that can’t shake you or your mental this worry cannot drown you when you have found faith in whatever you pray then move your thoughts onto the good ways what if whatever you are worried about happened in the opposite of what you are worrying what if you envision it working in your favor instead of against you think like that adjust your mental to see very clearly that if you expect and think good thoughts and things you will receive them along with other things I know it sounds rather insane but I’m telling you when you try it when you let go of whatever is hiding and holding you back when you truly set yourself out free from ANY negativity you will see how the blessings get activated you will reap what you sow but the best of that you never know how great it is til you try it you will see I have faith in you hear me out I know it seems unthinkable to be positive in every thought but hey I’m right here telling you I thought the same way then one day I tried to start being little by little more positive til I’ve hit the point where I correct myself if I complain I’m at the point where I’ve gotten rid of anything and anyone that drains my energy and dims my light I have been incredibly lonely but that’s where I found my light I thought of the better times I expressed my emotions and let myself feel all of what I was running from then I picked myself up for the hundredth time and with me came a big beautiful smile and a light that brings love to you I hope and pray that I bring love to you I have changed my ways you can do it too set off and be the love you want to see be the love that makes everyone around you think you are crazy for refusing to complain or speak negative of people because they will soon see how well it works a domino effect would occur if everyone gives light to just one other you will see the world would discover happier days filled with much progress because we have let go of what does not serve us we have left the distress behind and found better days we rooted for each other instead of tearing each other down we finally found peace I’m telling you please come join me

State of Mind

Love is a state of mind I say to myself as anxiety creeps behind taking everything from me but how could it be that love is solely what drives me to be better to work on my anger to make my life one filled with whatever brings joy and purpose to work my butt off to serve my purpose I get lost in what love is meant to be and I find serenity in all of the parts of love that may be love is never easy I say to myself to stop me from wanting to melt but when love is your sole purpose your soul will flourish into all things extraordinary even your bank account will grow way beyond the ordinary amount that sits in your account because love rewards love is like a sword cutting all forces of evil greed envy judgement hate all root from the same devil and love outshines all that comes its way because love is made to conquer each and every day that you face every problem that takes away from your grace can simply be replaced with a mindset of love love is the reason we are here so rise above and spread love to those far and near those alike and different and soon you will find your love has driven you right to your purpose make love be your surface and joy will follow as soon as you swallow your pride and throw your hands up and go along for the ride because you are not driving now love is and it is sure to help you not feel worthless this too shall pass I say to myself while starring at the hourglass all of the unfortunate events of my past creep up on me in times of need I remember the times that brought me to my knees the times when I didn’t know if tomorrow would come to me or if I would be floating in the sky where all can see me and feel me my presence is everywhere and nowhere at the same time like conjoined twins I feel myself split between a rock and a hard place the tornado or the hurricane but this too shall pass I say to myself to keep me from going insane I am fighting to break out of these chains with no lock and if you don’t understand my analogy you are so lucky I don’t want anyone to feel this yucky I want everyone to feel love and be happy be blessed from above but I understand while looking down at the misery like the thinker that pain is part of life and coming to terms with this is to root of everyone’s anger learn to grow with pain like growing pains and soon you will be lifted from these chains and set free like American eagle and you will be protected like the eagle no one will be allowed to take you down because you have found that pain will happen whether you like it or not so you might as well get rid of these negative thoughts and focus on the positive of pain because there is positive in everything

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