(Inspired by Lana Del Rey’s "Hope is a Dangerous Thing for a Woman Like Me to Have")

With my tea in front of me,
I often wish I was in Harry Potter
Sitting in class with Professor Trelawney,
So, she could read my leaves.
Not to read my future
But to know if the hope I have is worth it.
The thought strikes me as Lana’s voice lulls through my speaker,
A track that sounds ageless.
She sings the words that echo through my mind
“Hope is dangerous thing for a woman like me to have,
But I have it.”

The Chameleon

Blue again.

She is constantly morphing,
She needs to fit her new environment
Social smoker,
Social drinker,

She is constantly morphing,
She needs to fit her new environment.
New favorite band,
New dietary habits,

She is constantly morphing
She needs to fit her new environment,
Different views,
Different ideas,

She is not the one I knew,
Is it growth,
Or is it desperation?
Fear of abandonment,
Fear of leaving,

She is,
Ever changing,
Ever morphing,
She needs to fit her new environment.


East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

How to Create a Family: In 10 Easy Steps

​Step one,

Be created,   

Be born,

​Grow up,

​Try to make your family like you.

​Step two,

Get even older,

Get fucked up,

​By everyone around you,

​On accident.

Step three,

Start high school,

Make friends,

Start a relationship,

Watch them leave.

Step four,

Make new friends,

Find a family,


Watch them leave.

Step five,

Start college,

Keep some friends,

Grow apart,

Watch them leave.

Step six,

Find a person,

Meet her family,

Feel inadequate,

Try to make them like you.

Step seven,

Find a family,

It's your partner and dog,

Miss your friends,

Try to let it be enough.

Katelyn Moore

The Wind Knows More

The wind wails outside like it’s resentful at us for destroying the world.
As it crawls across the plain it’s horrified, aghast at what we’ve done.
It is offended at what it sees.
I can’t say I blame the wind for feeling this way.
I drive past places where trees should be and I am angry.
How ironic for me to be angry as I drive a machine that has helped doom the Earth.
It’s not a one issue obstacle.
We’ve created things the world may never have been equipped to handle.
And then we rip the Earths lungs from the ground,
We watch them flame.
We do not give it a chance to clean itself.
And then we wonder at the fires left in our wake.
And we wonder why it is hotter, colder, hotter
We wonder why mother nature retaliates against us.
We wonder why whatever deity we claim as our own punishes us.
It’s as if we are incapable of looking inward at our own faults.
The worlds imminent demise is on our hands.
We still have time but we waste it arguing over semantics.
Why argue if in the meantime the world will not live to see the fallout?
Foolish humans thinking we have the time for superfluous debates.
Foolish that we did not notice sooner,
Or simply that we did not care.

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Step eight,

Find a partner in life,

Love her family,

You've found a new family,

Try to make them love you.

Step nine,

Love her family,

Love your family,

Find out they love you,

Try to make it stay.

Step ten,

Love yourself,

Love your circumstances,

Create your family,

Hope they don't leave you.


A girl wakes,
She is both
And old.

A girl wakes,
In a castle
prince man,
Closer than feels safe.

A girl wakes,
She is older
Than she looks,
She is aged by circumstance.

A girl wakes,
She is both,
And old.