Morning sun singing serenading songs of sweet redemption.
Light shining in through the tiniest space left open between the thin white curtains.

When night arrives, we let the hurt win.
Then morning comes, and.
Slowly...We wash away our sins.
In the morning sun in which we hopelessly didn't want to let in, to begin with.

Close or far we see the same stars.
We feel similar pain,
Yet - we don’t share the same rain.

Away... away... away...

The sun begins to fade.
Waiting in vain for a new day.
While somewhere else - A new face
Wakes to the soft sound of singing blue jays

Life, like a loop, cycles of sadness surround us.
Looking for an escape,
We hold on to hope that morning will come and heal us.

Searching, for something,
Alone, wandering, afraid.
The sun, once again, inevitably fades.
Closing our eyes, we begin dreaming of what it would feel like to be okay.
Wishing, in desperation, that today would be that blissful day.

Breathe... Know – in the end –
Happiness was worth the wait.
Searching within we find,
Life is what we create.

Demented Dust

The only people I’ve ever loved are the same ones who inevitably neglected my already
wounded heart.
I recall asking myself "why stay when you feel so judged when they are tearing you apart?"
I was always theirs for the taking,
Until I finally decided it was my time to depart.

I groveled in anguish, struggling to understand my mind.
Anger and hatred fueled me, the body soon following behind.

Rage was all I was. It took over my entire being.
In a demented way, it was mesmerizingly freeing.
My body felt different, a fire burned inside
You could feel it on my skin, you could see it in my eyes.
Fire red with fury, no longer able to hide
This rage slowly flourishing
Materializing quickly, coming to life.

Heat rapidly spread and soon every atom throughout my entire body was searing.
The bus stopped abruptly as people started disappearing.
Dust remained as I walked down the aisles, a single touch, leaving me with the slenderest of
Watching their faces, tormented and teary.
As I’d lay a single finger on their temple while sneering.
Now gone. To the next. A father volunteering.
In place of his child, oh, how very endearing.

This newfound power is undoubtedly the greatest gift of all.
I will share it with the world, while I watch the world fall.
Life in this world, pampered by the power of light.
Allowing every single leaf to grow, abundantly, with life.

However, my touch brings darkness.
A power I was chosen to harness.
It’s already been decided,
The world must pay for my life full of harshness.

The tree of life, with my touch, will bring the end of days.
I touch the tree without hesitancy, and the world before me fades.
When I awake I see my job is done, life now gone. The world has finally paid.
Blissful. I, too, now begin to fade

I lie in the grass slowly and inescapably dematerializing into dust.
A single thought remains... that all along,
I was the only one I could truly trust.

Disappearing at last. Free from this world,
From mistrust. Free from a life of ridicule,
A life without love.

Now, just...
absolute dust.

We’ve all become one.
We’ve all become none.

Hope Reborn

My eyes slowly rising to the sun
locking in on its deathly glare of light,
Trudging forward out of fear I won’t make it through the night.

Time evolves, darkness arrives, and I’m still alone
Examining the stars and my surroundings with the
glimmer of hope.
Optimistic the stars will provide guidance. Anticipation for a path, any path, home.
Refusing to give up the fight. Miles away I now see the faintest of lights.

Looking back, I can see my footprints. An ever-fading impression left behind on the desert’s
blueprints. Now... gone.
Again, I tell myself. The past is the past. Just leave it on the shelf.

Certain the moon has heard my unrelenting cries.
I continue with a whisper of hope blossoming so vividly in my eyes.
Enveloped by this mesmerizing light.
Certain the moon gifted me with a second chance. A second chance at life.

For beside it lies a river so profoundly incredible in the night.
I could have easily mistaken it for eternal paradise.
Wondering if I was wrong in my assumption or if this were just a disguise.
How would I know unless I proceeded, unless I see, with my own eyes?
On I went.
Forward... once again.

It was as if my parched lips had never felt the serene touch of water before this glorious moment.
Like unicorn blood pouring life back into Tom.
But this, my love.
This did not come with a cost.
A sacred artifact trusted only to one.
Pandora's box itself could be sealed shut for all time with the magic and the utter power this
water possessed.
The ability to give life
Or to lay all to rest.
To sweep away entire cities.
Or to quiet the fire inside.
The one felt so intensely within my chest.
My lips bled as my mouth formed
Permitting the water to slowly slip in.

Like an old friend that I’d lost contact with as a child,
All too familiar —-I welcomed it with a sigh.
Painted with the reflection of the moonlight.

So effortlessly the water calls me in.
Seducing me with sounds as soothing and tantalizing as a siren.
Hope now surfacing to the horizon.
My heart bitter and cold,
I dive in, allowing the water to take control.
At last, it heals my soul

And... once again.
I am whole.
Free at last.
I’ve found my home.

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Angelica Neal


The moon caresses its forgiving light gently along the edges of our beings.
A profound glow radiating miles upon miles.
Does it touch your skin, as it does mine?
With the shadows outweighing the light?
The demons exponentially infecting the mind –
Seemingly undefeated, in this perpetual fight?


East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​