East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Drifting Into Darkness

a dark room, white noise
with only the sound of
your thoughts filling the space

tossing and turning
tangling and untangling
the sheets in hopes to distract
yourself from the words
you can’t stop your mind from speaking

it isn’t the lack of light
that keeps you awake,
it’s the memories you
desperately want to forget.

no matter how hard you try to
push them from your head to
your stomach-
they still seem to belch their way out

the last thoughts you think
before falling victim to your dreams
that may or may not
let your sleep be peaceful

they consume your mind
to the point of wanting to
stay distracted, occupied
until you’re exhausted,
so you won’t be stalked
by the monster of your brain.

Vulnerable Sadness

the makeup that took hours
is now smeared and swirling
down the shower drain.
the running water is loud enough
to drown my weeping, but not my wails.

tears becoming one with the stream
washing over my bare, shaking body.
a sadness I can’t seem to pinpoint,
the tears flow and won’t stop
no matter what I do.
I can’t do anything, but feel,
but feel what exactly?

Jasmine Warner