East Fork:

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Hide in the corner
Books and earbuds beside me
Words send me away

Haiku Contest

A Haiku for My (Almost) Wife Following in Our Father's’ Footsteps

Babe, your father rarely rests.
I am much like him,
And my father: worked to death

Honorable Mentions  

Shawnee Kuper

Anaïs Reverendo

Second Place: Jacob Perez


    Soft like summer rain
    The smell of lavender fields
    Happiness embraces me

First Place:  Jacob Perez

In celebration of National Poetry Month, the East Fork Journal and the Clermont College Library sponsor the 8th Annual Haiku Contest.

A Haiku About the Dinner Table

This table has been quiet.
Where laughter once dwelled,
Dwells only isolation

Third Place: Kara Decker

Lost Mind

    You wish for blue paint
    Mixing yellow and purple
    You make muddy brown