East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Ella Giordano

Jasmine Warner

Jasmine is a sophomore at UC Clermont and an editor at East Fork. She is majoring English and has a deep love for creative writing. A mess of a dreamer who enjoys taking pictures, going to concerts, and binge watching Riverdale. 

Rachael Vandegrift

Olivia Walker

​I am a senior at Mariemont High School, and currently enrolled at Belmont University for the class of 2023. 

Shawnee Kuper

Alexandria Fridel


Brianna Lunsford

Bella Durham

Rivers Lewis

​ I am in my second year at Chatfield College. I am currently taking Buz Ecker's Creative Writing class.

Amy Waugh

Amy is a third year UC student studying Creative Writing, Professional Writing & Rhetoric, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She plans to work in the field of editing and publishing after obtaining her degrees, supporting and encouraging authors in their work.

Marry Kathryn Forsyth

Alisha Yerovi

I am a senior in high school, and have taken college classes for three years. I am primarily interested in studying biology and natural sciences, but have always enjoyed art. I design creatures based on things I observe in nature, usually working in markers and prismacolor pencils. This semester at UC, I took my first-ever art class, which has allowed me to gain more experience with acrylics, as well as greatly expanded my passion for art, which I now plan to pursue further.

Logan Williams

Savannah Shepard

Savannah is a former UCC student and East Fork editor. She is now a junior studying English secondary education at NKU. She has been writing poetry for over six years and spends most of her time writing, singing, and working at her job as a writing tutor.

Katelyn Moore

​I'm a former UC Clermont student. I've grown up in this area my whole life. 

Heather Brunner

Jacob Peraz

Tim Combes

Courtney Sedwick

​ I am a student at Chatfield college. I am in my fourth semester and currently taking Creative Writing with Buz Ecker.

Lexi Dericks

Katie Smith

​I attend Chatfield College and this is my last year here before graduation. 

Noah Bruce

Christopher Kaylor

Jared Frondorf

Kara Decker

​She is currently a freshman majoring in English Literature at UC Clermont. She's very passionate when it comes to writing and loves to read. When it comes to reading though, she loves the realm of mythology especially Egyptian. Her biggest dream is to one day take a trip to Egypt to actually see the Great Pyramid of Giza.               

Lara Eidam

Anaïs Reverendo

Abigail Erickson

Sam Nski

​I’m a Paleo Artist, and an aspiring paleontologist, studying Geology and Fine Arts at the University Of Cincinnati. When I’m not drawing or hiking, I’m collecting rocks- fossils are my favorite, but lately I’ve started a mineral collection. I do a lot of work as the president of UC’s Geology club, and am frequently at geology related events around the area. I have a passion for the Geosciences, and it’s my dream to make information about the Geosciences more easily available, and more easily digestible for the average person. If I can even teach one person about geology through my art then I will consider my mission a success.