I See You

I see you, and the rivers on your skin
The marks you leave for what you see as sin.
I know what it feels like, what it means;
How all you wish for is a caring friend.

I see you, and the scars you try to hide,
Never as deep as the ones on your mind
That makes you feel worthless and sad;
How it only takes one person to be unkind.

I see you, and the pain self-inflicted
And your caring heart that is conflicted;
And the relief that comes as tears
When your suffering is finally admitted.

I see you, and how some are fresh and new,
The scars of crimson that you once drew
That makes you beautiful nonetheless
Representing your pain that only grew.

I see you, and I understand
I'm always here to lend a hand.
It's hard to stop, I know that much,
Look deeper and you'll always find a friend.

I see you, and the scars that make you, you
All the beautiful things you do
That you're finally starting to see;
I knew you could do it, I always knew.

I see you, and how they're just scars now;
How sometimes you look back and wonder how
Has the world gotten so dark, so hard to see
And you know never again to stoop so low.

I see you, and how big your smile is,
How your hand fits perfectly in his,
And the utter happiness in your eyes
And the love that you secretly missed.

I see you, and how far you've come,
How much Better things are at home,
How you don't lay awake making more rivers;
And how you know you're never ever alone.

​Ambyr Strickland

East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Everyone’s Journey

My destiny, which I thought looked like a blooming field,
Was turning out to be more of a burning forest;
Where smoldering ashes and destruction are hailed,
And the death of all is morbidly chorused;

Yet out of this "no-mans-land" I call my destiny
Comes love, blooming as if it were weaponry