East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Savannah Shepard

​Savannah is a former UCC student and East Fork editor. She is now a junior studying English secondary education at NKU. She has been writing poetry for over six years and spends most of her time writing, singing, and working at her job as a writing tutor. 

Debbie Booggess

​I am a third year undergrad at UC Clermont. I plan to transfer to main campus soon and I am double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. I plan to find a career doing research when I graduate, but I really enjoy doodling and drawing. I am taking a drawing course at Clermont and I wanted to share these with everyone! Enjoy!

Payton Marshall

​ I am currently a junior Journalism major with a digital broadcasting certificate minor at the University of Cincinnati. I graduated with a B.A from Wittenberg University spring of 2017, and I am at UC to finish my Journalism major. My passion is and always has been poetry, which is why I am eager to submit to East Fork for consideration of publication. In Journalism we stress the facts, the black and white, but somewhere in all of the logistics, the emotional emphatic factor gets dismissed. Poetry allows me to embrace the emotional, the moments of the in-between, the vulnerability that gets lost in the lines of journalistic reports. 

​Amy Waugh

​Amy is a third year UC student studying Creative Writing, Professional Writing & Rhetoric, and Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies. She plans to work in the field of editing and publishing after obtaining her degrees, supporting and encouraging authors in their work.

Curtis Beavers

Gabriella Sizemore

Destiny Trent

Ellie De la Cruz

​A junior Creative Writing student at the University of Cincinnati main campus. 

Kaitlyn Seals 


Mia Brown

"Mother, full time student, doodler" 

Faith Miller

​My art tends to be on the more weird side as I've been told a lot. When looking at my art, just let your imagination flow and try and think of what you would think a piece would be about. Nothing is really set in stone so have fun with it.

Ambyr Strickland