​East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​


Teresa Alexander

Teresa is a proud University of Cincinnati graduate. She graduated in 2010 from UC Clermont. She was an Education Major - Middle School 4th - 9th Grades - English Lit and History. Teresa loves to write poems and short short stories. She self published a book of poems a few years ago and am working on a book of short short stories.

Derrick Braden

Derrick began writing poetry the summer of 2018 during a poetry writing class he attended with his mom at JCC. “Pen” was actually the first persona poem he wrote for that class. Ever since then, Derrick writes whenever the inspiration hits him. He hopes to transfer to SUNY Oswego to continue working on his English degree with a focus on Creative Writing. Eventually he plans to teach, hopefully at a colligate level. Derrick Braden is currently a sophomore at SUNY Jefferson located in Watertown New York.

Ethan Craig

​Quinton Callahan

Quinton is a sophomore at UC Clermont studying English Literature, hoping to go into publications once he has graduated with his bachelor’s degree. His biggest dream and the one that he has had since High school is to open a home for abandoned and homeless youth.

Alexia Davis

Kara Decker

Kara is currently a sophomore at UC Clermont majoring in English Literature. She has an undeniable passion for writing and hopes to one day get her MFA in Creative Writing. 

Aaron Fletcher

Aaron is currently a student in UC's College of Arts and Sciences working towards a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. A previous student at UC Clermont, where he earned his Associate of Arts in English Literature and Liberal Arts, Aaron often finds himself seeking the less populated areas on Main Campus. He can usually be found beneath a shady tree or admiring the clouds, scribbling away on his notebook, attempting to capture his thoughts before they leave his mind.

Christopher Kaylor

Christine Nicholson

English Creative Writing and Women Sex Studies Major at UC main, Christine has a passion for poetry. Having been the East Fork Managing Editor for the 2018-2019 school year, she is overjoyed to have her work accepted to a journal she loves and had worked hard on.

Heather Phillips

Heather is a sophomore at UCC. She loves to read and paint and dabbles a bit in creative writing. Her dream is to one day publish a novel.

Devon Roberts

​Asia Smith

Asia is a UC Clermont student. She is majoring in English Literature and plans go into the medical field. She loves reading, writing, singing, acting, and all things nerdy.

Annabella Talpes

Destiny Trent

Destiny is currently a freshman at UC Clermont. She really started getting into art when she was around thirteen years old and began carrying her sketchbook with me all the time. When something interests me, she just pulls it out and start sketching.

Lenoir Vega

​Jasmine Warner