​Linneah Deighton​

My Wisdom Teeth

So many teeth
Buried in the skull and padlocked away
They poke through the pink and red


Many fear the man
With the metal hands


Violent language and tormented cries
Ragweed dies and its children rise
From the ashes

A phoenix of death meant to inflect
Suffering pain
Mucous green and slime
Speckled red

Tears drip into your honeyed nostrils,
Clogging drains

A Serpent Trail

Path. Unaware of
The ringing of night
A spider from hell
She could tunnel holes beneath death.

The devil hides innocent victims with
Treacherous, red limbs
Dragging me into the anguished world.

Place my cement ground somewhere
By my shoulders.
This stinging skeleton melted for
The pit
And a painful death.

Still, I drape myself with ropes,
Dangerous tides,
And good dreams.

East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​