East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

Gabriella Sizemore

The Land of Broken Dedications 

Embarrassment walks a long way down the road
Trying to escape from spilled mistakes she had sowed
Along came a man with buttercup flowers and velvet trousers
He’s taking her hand
To lead her to the land

The land of broken dedications
Where all the stars are gone
And there are no more hopeful dawns
Where cotton candy skies
Turn to scarlet red lies
And your heart’s forever cold
Because it tells you it’s has to be sold

Confusion gets in her faulty car
She says she’s gonna take us real far
But she gets lost on the way
And we’ve got a toll to pay
To get into this land

The land of broken dedications
Where music sounds like nails on a chalkboard
Cause the girls who never come home play the chords
Where your thoughts don’t belong to you
Cause everybody’s got a few
And milking your misery
Won’t give you the big brass key

Failure’s got a lot of lessons to spread
Remnants of his shattered crown are stuck atop his head
He gets slapped across the face
By the funny lady cloaked in her true love’s taste
She’s from the land

The land of broken dedications
A place of broken-hearted games
Where the vagabond covered in shame still can’t be tamed
We can watch the lost and the found
While the people burrow deep into the ground
When the brittle boy full of broken dedications
Declares his land is gone.