East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

​Quinlan Bentley

​​My name is Quinlan Bentley, a liberal arts major currently enrolled in my freshmen year at UC Clermont. I am a staff writer for The Lantern and a lover of literature, both fiction and nonfiction. While I don’t usually consider myself much of a creative writer, I have an occasional propensity for writing poetry in my spare time.

Carissa Palazzolo

 I am currently attending Chatfield College and am finishing my second semester. I do really love it there and I am so thankful to be further enriching my education. Besides school, I also enjoy reading, writing, and art of all shapes and sizes. It is my passion for writing that brings me to enter my work today. 

​Lily Barney

​Lily will be attending school for film production and integrated media in the fall. She has loved art and drawing her whole life, ever since her dad put a pen in her hand the day she was born, and plans on continuing this passion throughout her life.

​Carter Rowanne

​I am currently an alumni at Miami University Hamilton, enrolled in the English-studies program. I am nineteen years old and have wanted to be an author for six years now. Most of my early work consists of fanfiction and poetry that was arguably much too angsty for my age, and now I enjoy writing modern fantasy and sci-fi pieces. I won second place in the campus-wide National Women’s Month Writing Competition last year, but this would be my first publication. The piece I am submitting, titled “Semi”, is a modern fantasy piece partially inspired by my grandfather’s lifetime career as a truck driver.

Emilee Caudill

​Hi, my name is Emilee Caudill. I am currently a senior in high school and a full time CCP student attending the University of Cincinnati Clermont campus. I am journalism strategic communications major who has a passion for writing.

​Erica Wethington

​I am a senior at Clermont Northeastern High School and have been taking classes at Chatfield College through the CCP program. This short story was written for my creative writing class at Chatfield. 

Molly Newton

​My name is Molly, and I am trying to find my way in this ridiculous world. I want to share and explore my art with some of my favorite things.

Amanda Wittmer

​In this year I began creating more art work at the University of Cincinnati's Clermont Campus. I have enjoyed learning new techniques and experiencing the art world. I wanted to find a way to also reflect myself and the season I was going through. This painting, "Missing Home," is a reflection of my time coming home from living in Thailand for about a year. Coming home came with a list of issues that many may not realize. This heart portrayed my broken heart and the anxiety I faced returning to America. I have been home for a year now, and I want to share this painting with you. I think art has such a healing aspect to it. I decided to take classes at UC Clermont, because I wanted to learn more about art. I am furthering my education to become an art therapist, and to learn how to be an art therapist I have to express my own healing.

​Sophia Gugino

​Hello, my name's Sophia Gugino and I am currently a sophomore that attends Madeira High School. I adore writing, singing, acting, and guard. I am at the moment learning how to play the guitar and the piano and I enjoy playing with rifles and flags on my winterguard/colorguard team. I also have 3 siblings, an older sister, a younger sister and a younger brother whom I all love. My mom is also a very prominent figure in my life that has supported my writing since I was scribbling on lined scraps of notebook paper. Writing is a powerful outlet for me and very personal, one of the reasons I rarely share my pieces with anyone, so I hope that you can enjoy these works. Thank you.

​Aaron Fletcher

​Aaron Fletcher is a Sophomore at UC Clermont finishing his Associate's Degree with a dual major in English and Liberal Arts, as well as a certificate in diversity studies, this spring. Aaron won the first annual Literature Essay Contest at Clermont with his essay "Winesburg, Ohio: A Guide to Unhealthy Relationships". He was also part of a panel presenting on Ethical Emotive Literary Criticism at the CCCC Diverse Writers, Diverse Writing conference held at UC Clermont in the summer of 2017.


​Morgan Campbell

​My name is Morgan Campbell and I’m a Biology Major at UCC, and I want to be an animal behaviorist. My poetry is very much in my own voice and it’s…very much like my own personality. When I say that I mean that as in it’s very blunt, and angry, but sometimes I can spin something really pretty together and it will still have some form of underlying darkness because most of my life experiences are darker and that’s why I pull my poetry from. I understand if this isn’t publishable, but I was told that if I submitted some poems I could get extra credit and also the idea of being published is pretty cool but that doesn’t really matter now that my “true intentions” are out there. So, yeah. Read my poems if you want, take them for how they are and if you don’t like them don’t worry about it. You can hate them if you want!

​Jasmine Warner

​My name is Jasmine Warner and I'm a sophomore at UC Clermont. I'm currently majoring in English Literature and dabble with photography on the side. All three poems came from my chapbook entitled "Walking on Broken Glass." I hope they make you smile!

Connor Schrader

Linneah Deighton

​I am in my Sophomore year of college at UC Clermont and I am transferring to UC Main to complete the rest of my English (Rhetoric & Professional Writing) degree this fall. I've been doing photography for years now and I dabble in drawing/painting on occasions, as well.

Brianna Williams

From a young age Brianna knew she wanted to be a writer. She still has most of the stories she’s written since she learned the magic of creative writing. Her inspiration stems from personal experiences, mythology from various cultures, and reading some of her favorite stories. Her favorite poet has always been Maya Angelou and she has been addicted to just about every book Richelle Mead has published. In her free time she enjoys taking naps, reading, and  spending time with friends. She would like to thank her family for always encouraging her to write, and her cat for always providing her comfort when she had writers block.

William Sack

Caitlyn Helton

​I'm Caitlyn Helton, an eleventh grader (junior) at Eastern High School.

​Isabella Rowe

​Courtney Brown

​I used watercolor to create this painting. My meaning behind the piece is to one, honor those of the Deaf community, and two, give the best representation of what Deaf culture promotes-- that there is nothing wrong with them. The Deaf world isn't a sad, depressing one, but a world that is what the person makes of it.

Gabriella Sizemore

​An English major who just needs to write.