​East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​

The Easiest Life

It’s this constant cycle of fueling the fire,
Trapped in the burning routine of yearning
The keys have been offered to you once again
But in this hell you don’t seem to be learning
Rattled in a prison cell, the tides never turning
Did it ever occur to you it mayn’t be a game
As you swerve past the water quickly into the flame?
Yes, there’s a lot of sweat down here
And it’s paired with a lot of shame. 
This life is a disease and it’s common to catch
You’ll find yourself and Your Faults in a wrestling match
And it is with ease that you let Your Faults win
Because how can you break out when your world is caving in?


They were all so good
I crumbled from where I stood
I’d laugh if I could

They spoke fluently
Eloquence was all I heard
Wouldn’t they abhor

What I had written?
Mock each word by word by word
Solitude in crowds

So I trembled, scared
Folding the paper on which
I wrote my haiku

Then, I was up next
Barely alive, muttering
“Five, seven, and five.”   

Three Poems
By: Lauren Wright