East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​


Tonight, I lie in my mind,
hand clutched to my heart,
Beautiful shades of violet fill my eyes.

Today I walk through the halls,
Looking for your smile,
Knowing I’d walk for miles.
Alluring scents take me away.

Tonight, I stare at my phone,
Eyes glued to the screen,
Praying for a response,
Praying for your warmth.

Since when did I start to feel like this?
Since when did I long for a simple kiss?

I get lost in your eyes
Dreaming of happiness with your beautiful blue skies.

Your hair, a precious curl
Oh, how I want to touch and curl the long strand around my hand.

You’re a dream, I'm living in it
but somehow this is a nightmare killing me

Death is faster than this endless rain.
Tell me... Am I sane?

Will I ever get out of this pain?

Smiles, all clumsy,
Thoughts, all flimsy,
When did I ever get this bad?

So now I lie on my bed tonight, trapped with my mad mind.
Wishing something was to come by atlas she won’t be the one

Yet I beg of her,
Hold my hand,
Take my heart.

The beautiful belladonna has taken me apart.