I am a Faggot dealing with depression

I am a cliche .

I was the girl in High School

With cuts on her wrist

And a fascination with tits.

I am a Faggot dealing with depression

I use the world's dealing

Instead of suffering,

Because me standing before you

Is not a girl suffering

Suffering is giving up.

It’s turning on the lights

In the closet then

Locking it up


Dealing is a fight.

It’s recovering cause

There is no such thing

As recovered.

I am a Faggot dealing with depression

And hell yea I can say Faggot.

If black people can

Say the n word

As a shield instead of

The knife as it was

Meant to be.

Why can’t queers use faggot


Hey Fag, I dig the way

You wrap your arm

Around your boyfriend

As if to protect him

From the cruelness

Of the word.

Yo faggot, I love

Your rainbow hat

That you wear  as

A flag broadcasting

Your love for your girl

Or any girl.

I am a Faggot dealing with depression

There is nothing negative

You can say, think or mumble

About me that I haven’t

Thought ten thousand times.

I am a Fagot dealing with depresstion

And that's my cloudy

Rainbow skyed life


Clouds & Rainbows Mix

She looked up at the wall of dildos vibraters, flaved lube and butt blugs like they were gonna burn her. I looked around the rest of the store and counted all the times I read fuck on a shirt.

Fifteen, sixteen .Then she came over, red faced.

Suddenly I am questioning my date location choice.

East Fork:

A Journal of the Arts​​